Application Penetration Testing Services

Application Penetration Testing

Designed to meet the unique testing needs of each organization

Our penetration testing services are designed to meet the unique testing needs of each organization. There’s no single automated technique that can find every type of vulnerability in every organization. Some categories such as business logic flaws and authorization issues require advanced penetration testing. By working hand in hand with your technical team, we help your organization to improve efficiency in incident response and develop detection solutions for potential threats and attacks.

We also conduct manual penetration tests on your applications to help your company achieve the required compliance standards. Some of the regulations that require penetration testing include PCI DSS, GLBA, NERC CIP, HIPAA, and FISMA. There are other security frameworks such as OWASP Top 10 that also require penetration testing. Our penetration tests are designed to ensure that you have addressed all vulnerabilities and made your organization compliant to the required standards.


Benefits of Application Penetration Testing

In providing this application penetration testing service, Venkon’s security professionals simulate the exact tactics, techniques, and procedures, known in short as TTPs used by real-world hackers targeting your information assets over the internet. The penetration tests have the following benefits to your business or organization:

It gives you a complete view of existing and potential vulnerabilities

It helps you to determine which of your important data is at risk of being hacked

It helps you to identify and prevent complex security vulnerabilities before a hacker has the opportunity to exploit them

It gives you a deeper insight into the mind and motivations of hackers likely to attack your business

At Venkon, we give you detailed information and reports on the exact state of the security of your applications after the penetration test. This is useful especially for developers before they can release their software products

The penetration test helps you to meet regulatory compliance by the regulating bodies such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, FISMA, and many more


Answers to your questions


What is application penetration testing?

Application penetration testing is a form of ethical hacking attack intentionally done to check how effective the security controls of an application are. The penetration test is done by mimicking a real hacker using real-life hacking methods. The goal is to highlight potential vulnerabilities and the risks they pose. Our industry-specific application penetration testing services go deeper than your typical security scans. A majority of scans only check for signs and patterns matching pre-defined vulnerabilities. They cannot detect suspicious content. Our application penetration testing can identify hidden vulnerabilities that normal scans cannot detect.

How do you conduct the application penetration testing?

Our application penetration testing methodology at Venkon is based on the current industry standards. The process starts with intelligence gathering where we collect all the relevant penetration testing data followed by threat modelling, a vulnerability analysis, exploitation of existing or identified weaknesses, post exploitation testing, and finally the reporting stage. We normally use the three industry-recognized penetration methods namely the external testing, internal testing, and a mix of both.

Will you collaborate with our technical team?

Of course, we do. If you have an in-house IT security team, we’ll work hand in hand with them and assist your company to build a more efficient incident response system and develop faster and more accurate threat detection solutions. Our goal is to enhance the security your application against potential threats and attacks.

Do you conduct manual application penetration tests to meet compliance requirements?

Yes, we’ll do manual penetration tests on your applications and provide the necessary recommendations and improvements to ensure that your company and its products meet the required compliance standards. There are several regulations that require penetration testing including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, and NERC CIP just to mention a few. Other security frameworks including OWASP Top 10 also ask for penetration testing. Venkon’s application penetration testing helps you to address all the existing vulnerabilities and make your business compliant to the required standards.

Do you provide a report after the penetration test?

After the application penetration test is completed, we provide you with detailed reports and recommendations to eliminate the risks and vulnerabilities detected.

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