Social Engineering and Phishing Security Services

Social Engineering and Phishing Security

Minimize risks and potential threats targeting your information assets

We help companies assess the overall consciousness of their employees in information security matters. We’ll evaluate how good your employees are against creative personalized information phishing attacks aimed at exploiting trust or general lack of information security awareness in your staff.

By their very nature, social engineering attacks rely on ignorance as well as persuadable and unpredictable human elements in an organization to acquire critical information. Rather than use sophisticated penetrating software or hardware, the attacker targets natural human vulnerabilities among your staff to extract information. Social engineering attacks are successful because employees, who are not encrypted or coded in any way, end up making wrong emotional decisions and expose important information. At Venkon, we emulate the social engineering methods a malicious hacker would use to test the level of knowledge and preparedness your employees have against such attacks. The objective of our social engineering tests is to identify weaknesses and increase awareness among your staff.


Benefits of Social Engineering and Phishing Security

Identification of threats and risks your employees are susceptible to

Develop a good understanding of your digital footprint

Improve security training among your staff

Meet compliance requirements

Social Engineering Methods and Strategies

We strive to cover as many scenarios as possible that an attacker would use to gain access to sensitive company data using social engineering methods and strategies.

Targeted emails designed to reach your employees and leave a malicious or phishing code once the receiver clicks a link of downloads an attachment
Believable telephone calls that persuade any of your employees, from a desk clerk to an executive, to provide confidential information about your business or organization
Sending undetectable malware in data storage devices such as CDs and USB thumb drives to your employees. The data storage devices can potentially provide the hacker with remote access to sensitive information once it is used on a machine connected to the company’s network


Answers to your questions


What is social engineering and phishing security?

One of the most common approaches used by cybercriminals to trick internet users to reveal sensitive information is psychological manipulation. The cybercriminals will always create emails and pages that closely resemble those of well-known organizations to trick your employees to click links leading to dangerous sites or open email attachments with malicious content. Most of these social engineering and phishing attempts are aimed at making the victim divulge confidential information that can be used to access and attack the targeted organization or business. Venkon’s social engineering and phishing security services are designed to assess the effectiveness of your organization’s security system and your employees to detect and respond appropriately to targeted email, malware, and other phishing attacks. Our team of security experts will mirror the techniques used by real-life attackers to assess and test your company’s defenses. They’ll identify potential leaks and human behavior weaknesses among your staff to improve awareness and enhance your IT security against phishing and social engineering attacks.

Why do I need social engineering and phishing security services?

You need this service because not all your employees are created equal. They all come with varying degrees of knowledge in cybersecurity and level of awareness. Social engineering attacks thrive on the victim’s ignorance and the natural persuadable human nature to acquire critical data. They don’t rely on complicated software programs to penetrate your system but instead target the natural human weaknesses and vulnerabilities to extract information. These attacks are successful mainly because employees cannot be encrypted or coded in a specific way and can, therefore, make wrong emotionally driven decisions and compromise your organization’s IT security unintentionally. You need Venkon’s social engineering and phishing security service to test your employees’ awareness level and empower them with the right skills and knowledge to identify and prevent phishing attempts.

How does Venkon run social engineering and phishing security tests?

We begin by emulating the most probable social engineering methods a hacker would use to infiltrate your organization. We’ll then test the knowledge and level of preparedness of your employees against phishing attacks. The purpose of our social engineering tests is to identify security weaknesses and increase the level of awareness among your staff. To achieve this goal, we’ll test different areas of your operations where employees are likely to reveal company information unintentionally. Some of these areas include:
  • Emails deceptively designed to leave a malicious phishing code as soon as the receiver clicks a link or downloads an attachment.
  • Telephone calls which sound believable enough to make your employee unknowingly divulge confidential information about the company to a stranger.
  • Undetectable malware sent to a member of your staff in an innocently looking data storage device such as a USB stick drive or CDs. When the storage device is inserted into a computer or mobile device connected to your network, the hacker can remotely access sensitive company data unnoticed.
At Venkon, we strive to cover many social engineering scenarios that a potential attacker would most likely use to access protected data and other valuable information assets of your organization.

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