Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF) Services

Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF)

Identify serious cyber threats and minimize total risk

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF) provides organizations with a structured framework for identifying and mitigating cyber-security threats.

NIST CSF provides a common platform for all IT operations in mitigation of risks. We provide you with a prevention-first approach and effective monitoring of data security across networks, Cloud, and endpoints to identify and reduce overall security risks. There are other security frameworks in the IT industry but so far the NIST CSF is the most efficient and nationally recognized cyber-security program.

At Venkon, we help your company align with the requirements of NIST CSF compliance. We ensure that your company is capable of identifying serious cyber threats and minimize total risk in order to be fully compliant with NIST CSF requirements.


Benefits of Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF)

Use a professional, well-structured framework to identify cyber threats and reduce total risk

Manage cybersecurity risks with a systematic methodology

A fully customizable framework that meets your organization’s unique security needs

Leverage on our professional NIST CSF experts’ knowledge and skills to improve your company’s security posture

A cost-effective risk-based approach to prioritizing the security of your organization


Answers to your questions


What is NIST CSF?

The U.S National Institute of Standards and technology’s Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF) is a standard that provides businesses and organizations with a structured framework for identifying and preventing cyber-security risks and threats. The framework provides a single common platform that IT professionals in diverse industries can use to mitigate risks. NIST CSF gives IT teams and business owners an effective prevention-first data monitoring approach that can be applied across networks and Cloud to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Although there are other security frameworks in the industry, NIST CSF is still recognized as one of the most efficient cyber-security programs in the world today.

How can Venkon help in NIST CSF compliance?

At Venkon, we’ll assist your business or organization to align its security measures with the NIST CSF compliance requirements. We’ll ensure that your IT team is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to identify potential cyber threats and minimize or eliminate risks to become fully compliant to the NIST CSF requirements.

Why should I use the NIST CSF if my organization does not require compliance?

You should use the framework to ensure that your organization has all the important components of cybersecurity. The framework comes with all the necessary guidelines to identify, detect, protect, and recover your data. It is a useful all-in-one cybersecurity program that you need to have whether you fall under a compliance requirement or not. The security of your company is of greater importance. When you use a recognized security framework, all the stakeholders of your business or organization including customers, board members, and others will have more confidence in your security system.

Does NIST CSF only apply to the IT department?

This framework provides security guidance for all areas of your organization including the IT department. To realize the full benefits of NIST CSF, make sure it is not just adopted by the IT team but by the entire staff.

How is NIST CSF regulated?

The framework was created to provide businesses and organizations with a sound guideline to base their security policies on. It does not override the laws and regulations of your specific industry. It is also worth pointing out that NIST CSF overlaps with other state and compliance requirements, which makes this framework even more relevant to all types of organizations. NIST CSF compliance starts with a gap assessment which is done to understand every important aspect of the framework, where your organization meets the framework’s requirements, and the gaps that need to be addressed to achieve full compliance. After you have addressed and met all the guidelines, a third-party company will then attest that you have fully complied with the framework requirements and share the information with your stakeholders. If you are looking for assistance in achieving NIST CSF compliance, then Venkon is your best choice. We’ll help you to identify potential cyber threats your organization could be facing and minimize total risk to make your organization NIST CSF compliant.

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