Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF)

Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF)

Identify serious cyber threats and minimize total risk

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber-Security Framework (NIST CSF) provides organizations with a structured framework for identifying and mitigating cyber-security threats.

NIST CSF provides a common platform for all IT operations in mitigation of risks. We provide you with a prevention-first approach and effective monitoring of data security across networks, Cloud, and endpoints to identify and reduce overall security risks. There are other security frameworks in the IT industry but so far the NIST CSF is the most efficient and nationally recognized cyber-security program.

At Venkon, we help your company align with the requirements of NIST CSF compliance. We ensure that your company is capable of identifying serious cyber threats and minimize total risk in order to be fully compliant with NIST CSF requirements.

Cyber-Security Framework
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