PCI DSS Penetration Testing Services

Improve your Information Security posture, while ensuring compliance with industry regulators.

PCI DSS 3.0 Requirement 11.3

Many organizations and businesses out there don’t realize that compliance with PCI DSS Requirements 11.3 and 6.6 require penetration testing to confirm the integrity of their cardholder data processing and storage system. This level of testing is over and above the internal and external vulnerability testing that’s mandatory in PCI DSS Requirement 11.2.

At Venkon, our PCI DSS Penetration Testing service is designed to identify any weakness or vulnerability in every Cardholder Data Environments (CDE) by revealing any weakness in your system that a hacker can take advantage of.

Who is This Service For?

Our PCI DSS Penetration Testing service is tailored for any organization that either works with or is associated with all types of payment cards. We serve a wide range of businesses and organizations including financial institutions, small, medium, and large-scale merchants, software and hardware developers who design and develop payment processing infrastructures, and point-of-sale vendors in different industries.

The security of cardholder data should be a primary concern for every company that processes, transmits, or stores such information. It affects everybody from the customer to the company handling the data and the financial institution such as the bank trusted by the customer to keep his or her hard-earned money safe.

Our customer portfolio includes public and private companies which value the security of their cardholder data. We help companies to ensure that cardholder data is kept secure. This, in turn, helps the companies gain more trust from their customers and stay in compliance with PCI DSS Standard. Abiding by the PCI DSS Standard helps to maintain your cyber defenses intact and prevents potential threats and attacks aimed at maliciously acquiring cardholder data.

Our PCI DSS Penetration Testing Approach

The methodologies we use are based on the OWASP Testing Guide and NIST SP 800-115 and abide by the PCI Security Standards Council. We begin all our penetration tests by combining Technical and Social Reconnaissance.

Technical reconnaissance deals with identifying vulnerabilities in factors such as hosts, web server directories, administrative portals, service fingerprinting, customer identification portals, hidden identification endpoints such as DSL lines and cable modems, and much more.

Social reconnaissance focuses on vulnerabilities that could lead to successful extraction of information through social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, personal blogs and websites, online chat rooms, forums, recruitment and job sites etc. The goal of this type of testing is to identify information that can help to compromise the target to reveal critical information such as passwords, confidential files, source code, or any other IT related issue.

What Makes Our PCI DSS Penetration Testing Unique

There are several factors that make our PCI DSS Penetration Testing service better than the rest.

Here are a few reasons to choose Venkon for your organization’s PCI DSS Penetration Testing:

  • We value our client’s input before we undertake the project. We’ll discuss with you all the necessary details and requirements of the testing project to ensure that you get the most appropriate, cost-effective, and efficient service.
  • The testing is done by a qualified team of testing professionals with years of experience in the field.
  • The results provided by our highly trained experts are subjected to a technical review and further quality assurance before they are securely delivered to you.
  • We’ll provide you with concise detailed reports including a summary of your system management, weaknesses or vulnerabilities ranked according to the level of severity, solutions and recommendations, and all the technical explanations of the entire process. We even tailor the format and layout of the report to suit the unique needs of your organization.
  • You can discuss the test results with our professional testing team to ensure that you have understood everything about the test and if you need further clarification.
  • After you have addressed the vulnerabilities stated in our report, we can come back to confirm that the recommended measures have been successfully implemented or even conduct another penetration test.
  • Our goal is to work hand in hand with you to ensure that your infrastructure is completely secure from internal and external attacks.
PCI Penetration Testing
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