SaaS Security Assessment

SaaS Security Assessment

SaaS services have proven to be quite beneficial especially at business

A majority of organizations today are taking advantage of the efficient cost-effective IT services provided by Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud service providers. The services provide an innovative and less expensive platform to manage customer and employee data.

While SaaS services have proven to be quite beneficial especially at a business level, incorporating your company into the network in an external data processing platform raises a few security concerns. At Venkon, we provide SaaS security assessment and reviews for different types of Cloud-based applications.

We help you to integrate and enhance security in your SDLC. We do this by giving you helpful guidance on how to identify potential security risks, vulnerabilities in your apps, and ensuring that your entire SLDC meets the latest compliance requirements.

To help you achieve this goal, we develop a comprehensive assessment methodology to identify and address potential risks. The first step in this process is by corroborating all the data involved in the SaaS environment for a more efficient assessment.

We also assess the SaaS vendor security practices by working closely with the SaaS vendor. Most SaaS vendors are quite reluctant to give their security details to customers for fear that the information can be used to compromise their security controls. Most IT departments in organizations running their operations via a SaaS platform lack a complete understanding of the vendor’s security controls and cannot provide a sufficient assessment of the SaaS security level. This is where we come in to ensure that your applications run securely in the SaaS environment at all times.

SaaS Security Assessment
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