Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud Penetration Testing

Identify and address data breach and information exposure risks

We also provide Cloud penetration testing services to help organizations with information assets on Cloud platforms identify and address data breach and information exposure risks. Our Cloud penetration testing services are designed to mimic an actual scenario that puts your data at risk of being accessed or stolen by malicious internet users. The objective of the penetration tests is to discover potential vulnerabilities and provide mitigation measures to address the identified weaknesses.

The success of a penetration test depends on the methods employed and the expertise of the professionals conducting the test. At Venkon, we have a highly skilled team of penetration testing professionals equipped with the latest tools, skills, and knowledge of ethical hacking processes. We have helped many organizations identify and mitigate information risks through our Cloud penetration procedures.

Our Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

Based on industry standards

Intelligence Gathering

Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Analysis


Post Exploitation


Cloud Penetration Testing

We give you reliable results about the security of the data you store in the Cloud. The results include existing vulnerabilities, the attack paths likely to be used by a hacker, the impact an attack would have on your business, and actionable mitigation steps you need to take to reduce exposure to the risks identified.

Venkon’s Cloud penetration testing comes with expert reviews and recommendations to prevent future breaches.

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Cloud Penetration Testing
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