Cloud Penetration Testing Services

Cloud Penetration Testing

Identify and address data breach and information exposure risks

We also provide Cloud penetration testing services to help organizations with information assets on Cloud platforms identify and address data breach and information exposure risks. Our Cloud penetration testing services are designed to mimic an actual scenario that puts your data at risk of being accessed or stolen by malicious internet users. The objective of the penetration tests is to discover potential vulnerabilities and provide mitigation measures to address the identified weaknesses.

The success of a penetration test depends on the methods employed and the expertise of the professionals conducting the test. At Venkon, we have a highly skilled team of penetration testing professionals equipped with the latest tools, skills, and knowledge of ethical hacking processes. We have helped many organizations identify and mitigate information risks through our Cloud penetration procedures.


Benefits of Cloud Penetration Testing

Discover potential risks and vulnerabilities in your organization or business from an actual hacker’s perspective

Leverage on the knowledge and skills of Venkon’s professional pen testers to address and mitigate potential security risks

Meet regulatory compliance requirements and avoid hefty fines after a security breach

Latest tools, knowledge, and skills in ethical hacking

Cost-effective security tests for your cloud-based applications

Manage vulnerabilities from an informed and intelligent approach

Avoid downtime costs of your cloud network with better security

Maintain a good corporate image and gain customer loyalty

Our Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

Based on industry standards

Intelligence Gathering

Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Analysis


Post Exploitation


Cloud Penetration Testing

We give you reliable results about the security of the data you store in the Cloud. The results include existing vulnerabilities, the attack paths likely to be used by a hacker, the impact an attack would have on your business, and actionable mitigation steps you need to take to reduce exposure to the risks identified.

Venkon’s Cloud penetration testing comes with expert reviews and recommendations to prevent future breaches.

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Answers to your questions


What is Cloud penetration testing?

Cloud penetration testing refers to a simulated attack on a Cloud platform by a security professional to determine the efficiency of the existing security system. The penetration tests aim to unveil existing vulnerabilities in a Cloud security system. Cloud is one of the most popular data storage solutions today. Most of enterprises and individuals have migrated their digital assets to the Cloud due to its high efficiency and cost-effective advantages over traditional storage methods. However, despite its numerous benefits, the Cloud presents security challenges and vulnerabilities. As more people migrate to the Cloud platform, security breaches and vulnerabilities have also increased. Organizations are now forced to ensure that their Cloud-based resources are well protected to avoid infiltration and losses. It has become essential to run penetration tests on cloud-based applications and infrastructure.

What are the challenges of Cloud penetration testing?

Cloud penetration testing, however, has a few challenges. For instance, the Cloud is a multi-tenant platform so when a penetration test needs to be done for one client, it should be done in a way that does not affect other users. It should also be done within legal limits. A Cloud penetration test should also be a combination of internal and external pen tests. The internal penetration test focuses on the Cloud’s servers and hosts while an internal penetration test assesses the applications and other resources stored in the Cloud. The cloud penetration test should be a well thought out process handled by a professional who understands the ins and outs of such procedures.

How does Venkon conduct cloud penetration tests?

At Venkon we provide Cloud penetration tests to help our clients identify and address existing data breach vulnerabilities and other information exposure risks in the Cloud platform. Our Cloud penetration testing services are designed to simulate an actual hacking scenario that puts your sensitive data at risk of being stolen by malicious hackers. Venkon’s Cloud penetration testing methodology is based on industry standards. Our methodology basically involves the following steps:
  • Intelligence gathering where we collect data relevant to the target Cloud resources such as domain and server details
  • Threat modeling
  • An analysis of vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation of the identified and other unidentified weaknesses
  • Post exploitation
  • Reporting and remediation recommendations

What is the objective of your Cloud penetration tests?

The key objective of the simulated attack is to discover existing vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a hacker to access or steal information and provide mitigation measures to eliminate or rectify the identified weaknesses. The success of a Cloud penetration test largely depends on the expertise of the testers and the methods used to penetrate the Cloud platform. Venkon has a skilled team of professional penetration testing experts with the latest skills, knowledge, and tools to handle the task. Over the years, we have assisted many companies in diverse industries to run penetration tests and identify potential weaknesses in their Cloud-based resources.

Do you provide a detailed report after the penetration test?

After we complete the penetration test, we’ll provide you with a detailed report with the results of the test including the identified vulnerabilities, attack paths a hacker would most likely use, and expert reviews and recommendations to prevent breaches in the future.

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