Cloud Information Security Consulting Services

Cloud Information Security Consulting

Implement the necessary information security measures aimed at enhancing cloud governance

Our expert Cloud security consultants work hand in hand with your technical team to implement the necessary information security measures aimed at enhancing cloud governance. We help you to move your company data and applications to the Cloud securely without exposing your sensitive information to the ever-present security threats. Our objective is to help you understand how technology and processes work while moving and securing data in the Cloud.

We provide a wide range of Cloud information security consulting services including cloud governance, risk control and prevention, and compliance services. We’ll help you to design, calibrate, and implement your Cloud security operations.


Benefits of Cloud Information Security Consulting

It reduces the burden on your technical teams in the management of Cloud security

Leverage on the experience, skills, and knowledge of our security experts to enhance your Cloud security measures

The service helps you to plan, design, and implement all types of Cloud initiatives professionally

Helps you migrate data assets to the Cloud securely without fear of risks and cyber threats

Provides you with important insights into threats and risk mitigation in the Cloud environment

Cloud Security Consulting Services

Based on industry standards

Holding cloud security seminars and workshops for your IT team
Training your staff on secure cloud operations and identifying cloud-related risks
Cloud-specific security evaluation or assessment for cloud service providers
Developing Cloud security guidelines tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization


Answers to your questions


How can Cloud information security consulting help my company?

With the increasing influx of critical business assets to the Cloud platform, your company surely does need the services of a good Cloud information security consulting firm. You need these services to relieve your IT team the burden of monitoring and securing your Cloud-based applications and infrastructure at all times. Remember as more enterprises adopt Cloud applications to take advantage of the platform’s benefits such as fast speed, savings, and scalability, security has become a major issue of concern. You need to treat the security of your Cloud-based application seriously.
A Cloud security consulting company will assist your in-house team to develop solid initiatives to govern your Cloud usage, prevent Cloud security threats, and ensure that your company meets cloud security compliance requirements. A good Cloud security consulting service will help your IT team to develop secure strategies for planning, building, and managing Cloud applications and programs.
At Venkon, our expert Cloud security consultants will work closely with your technical team to come up with practical measures of enhancing your Cloud governance and security. We’ll help your IT team to understand how the Cloud technology works while securing or transferring data in the Cloud. Our goal is to help your company to implement all the necessary security measures to enhance Cloud governance.

What Cloud security consulting services do you provide?

Our range of Cloud information security consulting services includes Cloud governance, compliance, and risk control and prevention. We can also help your team to design, regulate, and implement Cloud security measures. All our Cloud security consulting services are based on industry standards and include the following:
  • Organizing Cloud security workshops and seminars for your technical team
  • Training your IT team on secure Cloud practices
  • Helping your team to identify Cloud-related risks
  • Running Cloud security evaluations for Cloud service providers
  • Helping you to develop Cloud security guidelines specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your company.
  • Provide Cloud security audit services to evaluate your current Cloud programs to detect threats and address security vulnerabilities.
  • Provide Cloud compliance services with the aim of extending your current compliance to Cloud initiatives
  • Run Third-party risk assessments and tests to identify and manage risks
  • Formulating threat intelligence measures to maintain your assets securely in the Cloud platform

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