Internal and External Network Penetration Testing Services

Internal and External Network Penetration Testing

Minimize risks and potential threats targeting your information assets

In our Internal & External Network Penetration Testing, we identify and immediately address all organizational weaknesses using the same methods an unethical hacker with ill intentions would use to infiltrate your organization. This practical approach helps your organization to better understand and minimize risks and potential threats targeting your information assets.

There are many reasons why your company or organization would need an internal and external network penetration assessment. First and foremost it is to reduce and possibly minimize risks to your information assets. An unethical hacker with sufficient time and sophisticated resources and skills will identify and exploit a weakness in your network.


Benefits of Internal and External Network Penetration Testing

Give your organization a unique overall view of the effectiveness of your security system

Help you overlook critical elements in your security system leaving your organization open to catastrophic data breaches

Identify security flaws in your company before attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities

Our Network Penetration Testing Methodology

Based on industry standards

Intelligence Gathering

Threat Modeling

Vulnerability Analysis


Post Exploitation


Network Penetration Testing

Our network penetration tests go far deeper than your regular vulnerability scans. Most vulnerability scans can only detect signatures and patterns that match pre-defined vulnerabilities but are not “content-aware”. Network penetration testing goes deeper to identify hidden weaknesses that vulnerability scans cannot detect. We provide you with comprehensive reports and a remediation plan after the network penetration test. The report includes our findings, suggested solutions, and recommendations.
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Answers to your questions


What is internal and external network penetration testing?

Both internal and external penetration testing procedures aim to minimize risks and threats that target your business or organization’s information assets. In both cases, the security professional simulates the actions of a real-life hacker to penetrate your network security system and identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your system. The goal is to determine weaknesses that can be exploited by cyber attackers to gain access to your protected information assets. Venkon’s internal and external network penetration testing will identify and address all the organizational weaknesses in your network using the same methods and skills used by an unethical hacker to infiltrate your company. This is a practical way of helping your company to identify and minimize risks and threats to information assets.

What is the difference between internal and external network penetration testing?

External network penetration testing is conducted to identify security weaknesses on your infrastructure devices and servers that can be accessed via the Internet. External penetration tests are used to assess the level of security of your routers, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), firewalls, and other appliances that secure your company from malicious traffic from the net. Internal network penetration tests are done to assess the security posture of your network from an attack originating from inside the organization. This type of assessment focuses on the security of privileged company data and other sensitive assets against internal hacking attempts or misuse of user credentials or compromise of virtual and physical machines connected to the network. Both external and internal network security assessment procedures are essential in protecting your company’s sensitive assets from malicious attackers.

What is your network penetration testing methodology?

Venkon’s approach to external and internal network penetration testing involves a structured and repeatable methodology that ensures that the findings we get are sound, reliable, and accurate. Our methodology includes information gathering, vulnerability scanning, simulated attack and penetration, reporting and documentation, and remediation testing. Additionally, our methodology is based on industry standards such as NIST SP 800-115, Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and PCI Penetration testing guide.

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