Outsourced CISO Services

Outsourced CISO

Save time, money, and ensure your company is fully protected

We provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Outsourcing a CISO will give you a highly experienced team of security professionals who can identify and mitigate all forms of security risks and establish information security best practices for your organization.

Why would an organization need to outsource CISO services? In any company or organization, a CISO plays a key role in the organization’s IT security matters such as IT security strategy design, implementation, assessment, and mitigation of any cyber-security risk. With the constantly evolving cyber threats experienced in recent times, your organization needs CISO services.

However, your company may not be in a position to recruit and employ a full-time, highly experienced Chief Information Security Officer probably because you are a small or medium-sized company seeking for a more cost-effective solution. You may also be looking for a temporary IT security expert to handle a specific project such as an upcoming audit or probably your CISO is on leave.

Whatever the case, you can easily enlist the services of our expert CISO professionals who will provide you with the following benefits:


Benefits of Outsourcing a CISO

You get better overall security information, procedures, and preparedness

The CISO professional will help your organization achieve its business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Make sure that all your applications and the entire network are secure at all times

Ensure that your applications meet the required compliance requirements

You’ll leverage on the skills, knowledge, and experience of a professional IT Risk manager

You get professional damage control to reduce the impact of a security breach you could have suffered in the recent past

Your business will be kept up to date on the latest security trends and compliance requirements


Answers to your questions


Who is an outsourced CISO?

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is an important person in every organization. This is the person in charge of the organization’s IT security and security strategy design and implementation. The CISO is responsible for the company’s regulatory and operational compliance to the required standards and regulations in your industry. However, keeping a full-time expert CISO in your payroll can be mighty expensive especially for small and medium-sized companies. The easier and better option is to outsource CISO services to a reputable company. Venkon brings you a cost-effective alternative to hiring an in-house CISO. Our outsourced CISO service, also known as Virtual CISO(vCISO) gives you a highly effective qualified team of security professionals ready to identify and prevent all forms of cybersecurity risks. When you outsource CISO services, you not only save time and money but also ensure that your organization is well protected from cybersecurity risks.

Why do I need to outsource CISO services?

A CISO plays a significant role in every organization’s information security matters and activities such as security strategy design, assessment, implementation, and mitigation of risks. Considering the current high rate at which cyber threats are evolving in terms of complexity and prevalence, your organization can no longer afford to exist without CISO services. If you are not in a position to employ your own full-time professional CISO, probably because you are a small or medium-sized company with budgetary limitations, you’ll need to outsource CISO services. You may also need to look for a temporary CISO expert to work on a specific upcoming security audit or when your in-house CISO has gone on leave.

How much does it cost to outsource CISO services?

Studies show that outsourcing CISO services is approximately 30 or 40 percent cheaper than hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer. The benefits of outsourced CISO services go beyond costs. The CISO will always be available on demand, will not require expenses associated with training, and as a professional in the field, will provide the best KPIs and reporting. The exact cost of the outsourced CISO will depend on your business and industry-related factors. Contact us today to get a free quote for the service based on the unique security needs of your organization. Our friendly customer support team will be glad to help with any question or concern you may have.

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